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Verification, validation, configuration - IDEW'21



Language: English
Date: 15 Apr 2021
Time: 14:30 - 17:30
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Verification, validation, configuration
IDEW'21 - International Digital Enablement Week
April 15, 2021

Industrial and everyday products have become ‘intelligent’, inter-connected embedded systems linked with the physical world. They are typically sold in many configurations. Once deployed, they frequently have a long lifetime, during which they need to be updated regularly to meet changes in their operational context including customer usage needs. 

How to verify and validate updates for those many deployed systems and variants? Space and sheer cost prohibit the creation of factory ‘shadow copies’ of possibly hundreds to thousands of customer configurations, just to perform testing. Yet, the trustworthiness and safety of any update to any configuration must be assessed. 

This track reports on novel approaches and methods to cope with V&V of updates for deployed systems, to handle the many configurations and generations. Topics addressed are complexity reduction by virtualization, impact assessment, test selection, separation and protection mechanisms, all placed in context of the increasing embedded intelligence in such systems.

  • Andre Bolles, OFFIS / DLR: "Autonomics for future Mobility" - Chair
  • Jacco van de Laar, Philips, Image Guided Therapy: "The Virtual Test Platform: Philips Image Guided Therapy Systems' Digital Twin"
  • Debjyoti Bera, ESI (TNO): "SystemsImpact Analysis for Smarter Testing"
  • Jürgen Niehaus, SafeTRANS: "Contract-based Design for Modular Updates of Cyber-Physical Systems"
  • Christian Schyr, Advanced Solution Lab AVL Deutschland GmbH: "How model-based V&V improves safety assurance in the development of highly-automated vehicles"

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