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About the Center

AI Innovation Center opened in April 2021 and has the mission to industrialize AI in the Brainport Eindhoven region. In order to achieve this goal, we focus on raising the level of knowledge through (1) events and (professional) education, (2) facilitating the required ecosystem and infrastructure and (3) offering relevant services to drive AI projects and applications by organizations in the region. The AI Innovation Center is an initiative by High Tech Campus Eindhoven and co-founded by Philips, Signify, NXP and ASML.

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Focus areas

Everything we do contributes to our mission: Industrializing AI in Brainport Eindhoven. In order to achieve this goal, we drive three value streams.


Knowledge & Capabilities


  • Organize events, workshops and training programs​

  • Support research, publish white papers, blogs and vlogs​

  • Bring in industry specialists to share the latest AI insights



  • Bring together service providers, venture capitalists, governmental partners, research institutes and launching customers​

  • We build a dedicated AI ecosystem infrastructure to support and motivate companies to adopt AI​



  • Drive adoption and accelerate the application of AI technologies by companies in the region​

  • We organize workshops that support AI adoption and acceleration

  • We offer a soft landing (eg workspace, network) to early stage startups ​


The members of the AI Leadership Forum are working in different circles and have their own activities and initiatives that are carried out under the AI Innovation Center flag. All initatives contribute to our common goal: accelerate the application of AI in the Brainport region.

BAIKE (Brainport AI Kids Education)

AI is already in our lives, but not just our lives, but also in our children’s. Kids are already using AI and exposed to AI without realizing it, from Tik Tok, Instagram, Siri, YouTube, smart phones..). At the moment there are not enough initiatives to create awareness of the impact of AI for our future generations. BAIKE would like to leverage the passion and brainpower of the over 12000 engineers and scientists on the High Tech Campus by organizing multilingual workshops and awareness workshops on at the High Tech Campus

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Digital Transformation

We hear about AI and Digital Transformation everywhere. It is even becoming a buzzword, but what is the reality for the Brainport companies? The Digital Transformation Circle, invites the community to join the round table: “Digital Transformation: challenges and opportunities for SMEs and startups”.

During this session, the participants will have the opportunity to share their insight and questions regarding digital transformation for their specific organization and receive feedback from experts in the field.

To participate in this and more activities that the AI Innovation Center organizes, join the AI Leadership Forum, an open community focused on different AI topics:

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The AI Innovation Center offers the possibility to be in located in the beating heart of the High Tech Campus. Surrounded by like-minded companies, you have knowledge, capabilities and launching customers available literally next door!

The AI Innovation Center offers a unique and transparent all-inclusive model. The rent of office space includes all services like the use of shared meeting rooms, an event space with all equipment, internet, cleaning and coffee.

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