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Carbon is a vital component of every life form on our planet. It is currently emitted as a “waste” product in the form of CO2 and is one of our principle climate change agents. By harvesting the free carbon reserve that is present in air, a material abundance for countless everyday products is yielded. Closing the CO2 cycle in this way will fundamentally transform and neutralize the climate effects of our global energy and materials economy.

Carbyon has developed a technology to capture CO2 from ambient air. This allows the energy industry to produce 100% circular and renewable fuels from renewable electricity. Carbyon’s unique solution enables the renewable energy sector: making fuels from water and air in a closed loop powered by renewable electricity. Using this process, we can end the use of fossil fuels, oil and natural gas which causes worldwide climate change.

Unique technology
Existing technologies to capture CO2 from ambient air are still too expensive to be economically viable. Carbyon developed a unique technology based on a material, which drastically lowers the energy budget of the entire process and greatly reduces the costs of capturing CO2 from ambient air.

The production and handling of the thin film in a cyclic absorption and regeneration process rely on world-class mechatronic expertise, which is available in the Eindhoven region of The Netherlands.