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KeyTec International

KeyTec International

5656 AE Eindhoven
T: +31 (0)40 2304 200


High Tech Campus 41

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“We Industrialize Your Ideas”

Your innovation/concept is starting to materialize… but how to manufacture it, where, how long will it take, and what would the costs be? KeyTec, a real manufacturer, will give you the answers, early in your design phase. The international KeyTec Group has a Dutch HQ and 4 manufacturing companies in The Netherlands, China and the Czech Republic, providing its Top500 Automotive, Electronics, Medical and Industrial OEM customers a wide variety of precision METAL and PLASTIC parts. KeyTec offers various metal stamping/bending/deep-drawing technologies and plastic/2K/insert injection molding including various painting, printing and (sub) assembly techniques, all under one roof. KeyTec will design, prepare the tools and manufacture products, in quantities from thousands to millions, with the highest quality standards.