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Training / Workshop
AI Innovation Center


Language: English
Date: 28 Sep 2023
Time: 14:00 - 15:30
Entry fee: Free


Conference Center High Tech Campus Eindhoven

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In this free comprehensive hands-on session, we'll build a fully functional, production-grade interactive data application using Genie Framework, Julia's productive full-stack web framework. The key components of the application will include:

- A dashboard for exploratory analysis of a dataset.
- A setup for configuring and training a machine learning model on the data.
- A REST API to serve the model.

We'll cover the entire process: from setting up a new app, designing and building the UI with the low-code API, writing the Julia backend for data processing, and adding interactivity. We'll also show how to visually design the UI with no code using Genie Builder, Genie Framework's enhanced productivity suite. Once ready, we'll deploy the application using modern DevOps techniques.

Pere Giménez

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