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Language: English
Date: 22 Apr 2021
Time: 10:00 - 12:30
Entry fee: Free



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Our brand new AI Innovation Center officially 'opens' with the first edition of the AI Leadership Forum on April 22nd! During this live virtual event we are going to de-mystify AI. To do so, we have an amazing line-up of AI leaders from the Brainport Eindhoven region, including representatives of our co-founders Philips, ASML, Signify and NXP. Expect an interactive event with keynotes, a panel discussion with your questions, AI games and the opportunity to become part of the AI Leadership Forum!


The AI Leadership Forum aims to enable leaders to adopt AI technologies in their business and innovations. The Forum is an initiative by the AI Innovation Center and is the platform to share your best practices and learnings with peers, expand your network and get inspired for new opportunities!

Keynote speakers


Kees van der Klauw - Coalition Manager @ Netherlands AI Coalition

The state of AI in the Netherlands

As the Coalition Manager of the Netherlands AI Coalition, Kees is one of the driving forces behind the AiNed investment program. This program has been put forward by the advisory committee of the Dutch Growth Fund and Phase 1 of the AiNed programme has largely been accepted. It is a multi-year programme to accelerate the development and application of artificial intelligence (AI), which will let the Netherlands reap the economic and social rewards of AI and keep pace with other leading countries.

Paul van Son - Quartermaster @ AI Innovation Center

An introduction to the AI Innovation Center

In his role as Innovation Manager of the High Tech Campus, Paul was the initiator of the AI Innovation Center. During this introduction, he'll elaborate on the Center's why, mission and vision, the role of the AI Leadership Forum and opportunities it brings to you and your company!

Arnaud Hubaux - Senior Technical Program Manager - ASML | LinkedIn

Arnaud Hubaux - Senior Technical Program Manager @ ASML

Taming the AI Demon to sustain innovation

AI is advertised as a game-changer or must-do for business growth. Yet, unprepared companies are vulnerable to the AI demon. The AI demon tries to hand over their business to others and degrade the reliability of their products. The profitability of AI investments can be thwarted by the AI demon. Arnaud will illustrate some of the Demon's tricks applied in the semiconductor industry and ways to work around them!

Gerardo DAALDEROP | Sr Principal | PhD | NXP Semiconductors, Eindhoven |  Systems and Applications

Gerardo Daalderop – Sr. Principal, Technical Director @ NXP

Enablement of Pervasive AI

One of NXP tag lines is ‘Secure Connections for a Smarter World’. We all envisage a world where devices become smarter, anticipatory and a seamless part of a bigger whole that provides an extra-ordinary ease of use. Artificial Intelligence is foreseen to provide a significant part of above-mentioned ‘Smartness’, and in this presentation Gerardo provides an overview of its activities to enable AI on the billions of edge devices in this Smarter World!

Jörg Habetha - Business Leader HealthSuite Clinical Platforms and HealthSuite Insights @ Philips

AI Development on Philips HealthSuite Platforms

Few sectors are as greatly impacted by the development of artificial intelligence as healthcare. Whereas AI can make life more comfortable or business more efficient in other sectors, in healthcare it can save lives. Joerg will talk about examples how Philips is using AI for the benefits of patients and medical staff. He will introduce HealthSuite Platforms which give Philips and its partners the cloud expertise and capabilities to connect devices, collect, aggregate, store and analyze electronic health data securely and create solutions in the cloud.

Carlos Gabriel Sierra Chinchilla - Sr. Director, Global Digital  Transformation - Signify | LinkedIn

Carlos Gabriel Sierra Chinchilla – Sr. Director, Global Digital Transformation @ Signify

Finding the right light with AI

As our (digital) economy grows, consumers are continuously faced with more options, more information and more decisions. Always having the customer central in what Signify does, Carlos will share how Signify is using AI to simplify this journey by helping customers find, preview & buy the right lighting products for their homes.

Sebastiaan Laurijsse – Transformational Global Leader @ AI Innovation Center

The human side of AI

AI (and technology) is just one piece of the puzzle of true digital transformation. The full potential comes from three main elements: besides technology this is culture and processes. In his talk, Sebastiaan will explain how he drives transformation over these three elements.

Remy Ludo Gieling inhuren als spreker

Presented by: Remy Gieling

Remy Gieling (32) is chairman, public speaker on artificial intelligence, author, podcast host and former editor-in-chief of the leading Dutch business medium MT / Sprout. His second book Discover the growth opportunities of AI (translated) was nominated Management Book of the Year in 2021.


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