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Language: English
Date: 12 Oct 2022
Time: 09:00 - 17:00
Entry fee: 850


High Tech Campus

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Join the world's Printed Hybrid 3D InMold Wearable Electronics community at the High Tech Campus, Eindhoven, Netherlands (12-13 OCT 2022). Hear 45 world-class presentations, visit 50 cutting edge exhibitors, and network with 400+ high-quality peers from around the world in a fantastic environment


You can see full agenda and full exhibitor list here

09:20am TNO at Holst Centre | (TBC) Innovation Frontier in Printed Flexible Wearable Electronics
09:40am Facebook/Meta | Wearable System Design Challenges toward Human-Centric Computing
10:00am Voltera | Print Anything on Everything: Unlocking Additive Electronics for the World
10:20am Würth Elektronik eiSos | (TBC) Status and Roadmap of Additive Electronics In The Passive Electronic Industry
10.45am Tea & Exhibition/Networking Break
11:30am Schneider Electric | 3D Electronics vs Industrial Mission Profile / Case study From Schneider Electric
11:30am Novo Nordisk | Printed Electronics in Mass-Produced Medical Devices
11:50am GE Healthcare | Wearable Ward Monitoring Solution
11:50am Sunway Communication | (TCB) The trend toward miniaturization & 3D functional integration in semi-additive electronics
12:10pm Neotech AMT | Scalable 3D Printed Electronics - from “Fully Additive” to High Volume.
12:10pm Quad Industries | Flexible Printed Electronics: A World Of Opportunities
12:30pm NanoOps | (TBC) Wafer-Based Nanoprinting of Multilayer Electronic Devices
12:30pm Smooth & Sharp | A NFC Biosensor Test Stripe made with Reel-to-Reel Hybrid Electronics on same Substrate - TELETENTO, the new dimension of POCT.
12:50pm Applied Materials | Advanced Screen-Printing: A Study to Entirely Manufacture a Medical Sensor by Screen-Printing
12:50pm IDS | (TBC) High Output Rate Aerosol Printing for High Conductivity Printed Electronics
01.10pm Tea & Exhibition/Networking Break
02:40pm Nano Dimension | Multi-Level and Multi-Material Additively Manufactured Electronic (AME) Technology: Design, Materials, Fabrication and Testing
03:00pm Novem Car Interior Design | Integrated Products for Integrated Interiors
03:00pm XTPL | XTPL Ultraprecise Deposition Technology for Advanced Printed µElectronics Applications
03:00pm Novem Car Interior Design | Integrated Products for Integrated Interiors
03:20pm MacDermid Alpha | Next Generation Assembly and Interconnect Technologies for Smart Structures and Functional Surfaces
03:20pm Agfa | Up your Silver Performance - the USPs of Agfa PRELECT Silver Inks
03:40pm DuPont Teijin Films | Polyester Film Solutions That Are Meeting The Changing Needs in Flexible Electronic Markets
03:40pm Fuji Corporation | Development of an Electronics 3D Printer - Full Additive PCB Manufacturing Process Plus Low Temperature Surface Moun Technology
04.00pm Tea & Exhibition/Networking Break
04:45pm DuPont MCM | Designing Conductive Inks for the Market: Focus on Bio & eHealth
05:05pm COATEMA Coating Machinery | How to Make PE More Sustainable
05:25pm Airbus | (TBC) Opportunities and Challenges for Additive Electronics in the Aerospace Industry
05.45pm Networking & Drinks Reception - Day one ends

13 October 2022

09:05apm ASML | From One Small Step Made In Veldhoven, To One Giant Leap For Mankind
09:45am Panasonic | (TBC) Soft, Stretchable and Functional: Printed Hybrid Electronic Demonstrators made with High-Temperature Tolerant Stretchable Substrate
10:05am AB InBev | JCDecaux | Stabilo | Panel Discussion
11:10am Forvia | Innovations in Luminous and HMI Surfaces
11:10am Ligna Energy | (TBC) R2R Printed Batteries for IoT Applications Based on Forest Materials
11:30am Identiv GmbH | Advances in Reel-to-Reel produced Hybrid Electronics for flexible NFC, UHF and Bluetooth Low Energy Tags
11:30am OLEDWorks | OLED Qualified for Automotive Lighting
11:50am Brewer Science | Mass-Deployable Printed Electronics for Air and Water Quality Measurements
11:50am PragmatIC Semiconductor | Sustainable Semiconductor Manufacturing
12:10pm Adapttech | Wearable medical gait sensors: the role of printed flexible electronics
12:10pm Eastman Kodak Company | Manufacturing Using High-Resolution Flexography
12:30pm Spark Biomedical | (TBC) Wearable neurostimulation for drug-free opioid withdrawal
12.50pm Lunch & Exhibition/Networking Break
02:20pm JetMetal | The advantages of using thin silver films as electrodes for printed sensors
02:20pm Brilliant Matters | (TBC) Latest trends in OPV and OSC Materials
02:40pm SunRay Scientific | Enabling Scalable Manufacturing of Printed Flexible Hybrid Electronics
02:40pm FononTech | (TBC) Rapid digital printing across different resolutions, viscosities, and shapes
03:20pm Hummink | Using capillarity for nanoscale manufacturing: introducing breakthrough additive manufacturing
03:20pm LiquidWire | (TBC) Manufacturing Stretchable Sensors & Electronics for On-body Medical Devices
03.40pm Tea & Exhibition/Networking Break
04:05pm Henkel & Laiier | Connecting surfaces of the smart building to the cloud with sensors enabled through printed electronics.
04:35pm VTT | Manufacturing and Sustainability Considerations for Next Generation Wearables
04:55pm US Army | (TBC) Hybrid Electronics: Status and Roadmap for the Packaging Industry
05.15pm Networking - Day two ends

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