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Parking for disabled people

At High Tech Campus Eindhoven the most common way for people to get around is by bicycle or on foot. Cars can be parked in one of the 7 multi-storey car parks which are within easy reach of the Campus ring road. There is one multi-storey car park per office cluster where the employees and visitors can park their cars free of charge.

In addition to the multi-storey car parks, High Tech Campus Eindhoven also has parking spaces on the site itself. These parking spaces lie within the fine network of streets that form the road infrastructure inside the Campus ring road. This network of roads has been designated a low-traffic zone. Cars must obtain permission to drive and/or park in this zone. This also applies for disabled people who wish to park their cars here.

Procedure for residents to apply for a disabled parking space

When is a resident entitled to a disabled parking space near their office building?
A resident is eligible for a disabled parking space if he or she has a declaration from the company doctor. A resident may apply for a disabled parking space for a fixed short period or for an extended period. The company doctor will advise on this.

What action does a resident need to take in order to be allocated a disabled parking space?
The resident's manager must send the request for a disabled parking space plus a declaration from the company doctor to the Security Manager (securitymanager@hightechcampus.com). This request must state clearly outside which Campus building the disabled parking space is required.

The request is then checked by Security. If it is approved by Security, they will:

  1. amend the resident’s badge to give him or her access to the low-traffic zone.
  2. send a request to Site Management, asking them to order and install a vehicle registration plate to mark the allocated parking space. It will take approximately two weeks for the plate to be ready.

Long term parking

The maximum parking stay is limited to 24 hours. If there is need for long term parking, please contact Security (040-230 5441). After agreement you must send an email with the following content:

  • License plate
  • Parking-lot nr.
  • Level
  • Who can be contacted about the vehicle
  • For how long the vehicle will be parked

A parking permit is required to use the limited parking spaces at the buildings. Permits are obtainable from the CSM Security Manager

Important points to keep in mind

The cost of the amendments will be borne by the applicant (organisation). If the disabled parking space is only being allocated for a short (fixed) period of time, Site Management will not install a vehicle registration plate to mark the disabled parking space. In this case the resident in question will make use of the disabled parking spaces available for general use outside the buildings.