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The next generation of the Internet

Our mission is to enable an interconnected and vibrant community that leverages the power of virtual & augmented reality, spatial computing, and Metaverse-enabling technologies & applications.
Why? To identify business use cases that generate value and shape a positive and transformative future. A future between the physical and virtual world.

Opening beginning of 2024

The Spatial Web Hub is due to open in the beginning of 2024. Read more about how and why High Tech Campus Eindhoven will launch the first physical innovation hub on the Spatial Web:

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A strong community to accelerate adoption and growth

Join the Spatial Web Hub at High Tech Campus

We invite you to join the Spatial Web Hub at High Tech Campus Eindhoven, as a partner or resident. Are you interested in joining? Or do you have any requests or needs regarding infrastructure? We would love to hear your thoughts. Reach out to us to discuss the possibilities.

Become a resident

Residents will have a differentiating location that supports them in their biggest challenges. Some benefits:

  • Professional co-working community: Be part of a supportive community working on impactful innovations​​

  • Modern office spaces: A growth office concept with offices, flex desks, and shared facilities​

  • Lead generation: Invite your customers & prospects to the hub and expand your network via our events​

  • 24/7 exhibition possibilities: Showcase your solution at the innovation hub or during our events

  • We listen to your needs: Benefit from our shared facilities or request additional infrastructure via our partner network​​

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Become a partner

We support our partners in showcasing solutions and growing their community. Some benefits:​

  • Access to large industry network & tech community: Connect with companies looking for state-of-the-art solutions and services​

  • Increase your visibility and reach: Marketing and promotion to the biggest business innovation community in the Netherlands

  • Facilities to host events & workshops: Invite your network to our fully-equipped event spaces ​

  • Space to showcase and demonstrate: Show your use cases and convince potential customers​

  • Scout tomorrow’s rising star: Identify emergent tech use cases and promising startups and win them for your organization​​

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Immersive Tech Day: Introducing our new Spatial Web Hub

We are thrilled to invite you to our upcoming Immersive Tech Day on October 5th. Join us for an inspiring afternoon full of demos and use cases by this region's big players in the field of immersive technologies. Our first confirmed demo partners: Philips, Movella, Fectar, Nvidia, CardsPLM, and Enversed.

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Philipp Werle

Business Developer Emerging Tech