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Safety Permits

A work permit is obliged for third parties working on the Campus. The work permit is provided by the 'Safety Permit Office'.


Information Safety Permit Office:
Email: werkvergunning-osp@hightechcampus.com
Telephone: 088-5577606 

Opening hours:
Monday till Friday: 08.30 -17.00 hrs

All required documents can be downloaded below. Requests can be made in Facilitator via https://kfht.facilitor.nl/.


Download Dakvergunning - Dakinstructies

Download Procedure Grondverzet

Download Regels voor hijswerkzaamheden

Download Procedure Werkvergunningen

Download Vergunningsvoorschriften Milieu

Download Aanvullende Vergunning Brandgevaarlijk Werk

As of 28 October 2021, requests for fire permits for the buildings (other than Philips) can be emailed to the Security Desk, meldpunt.security@hightechcampus.com. This will shorten the processing time.

Download Aanvullende Vergunning Besloten Ruimte

Download Schakelvergunning

Download Gedragsregels Derden

Download Procedure Werkzaamheden aan Elektrische Installaties